Inspirations of My Life:


I have been largely brought up by my mother, my father having passed away when I was a child. She has had the most enduring and lasting influence on me and perhaps all my characteristic traits. Some of my traits are perhaps genetic, which I have inherited from my mother, qualities like – patience, affectionate nature, being social and a rare persistence in the face of odds. I am a 'Momma's Boy' as people would say – and they are quite right.


Shree Muralidharanji, he is special in more ways than I could define in a paragraph. He imbibed me with qualities that was needed to live life practically as well as spiritually. His blessings permeate from every core of my being. I have always felt protected with this spiritual giant shadowing me since the time I came under his influence. I owe every bit of my attainments to him and I wilfully subscribe them at his lotus feet.


I wonder if our country has witnessed a spiritual giant like Swami Vivekananda. Vedanta with practical truths expressed so beautifully that even a child would understand. He brought religion to the doorsteps of the common man, his ideology and thoughts have played a stellar role in revitalizing Hinduism. The doctrines he propagated will be remembered for ages, it will bring about a changed world order, so I believe.


The good in me, is owing to books, books and books. Good books make a man, for it is wiser to learn from the follies of others than one's own-self. Nothing differentiates a person who can read and write from someone who cannot, if the former does not read good books. It is an advantage surrendered meekly at the doorsteps of ignorance. Some of the books that have left a lasting impression upon me:


  • The life and works of Swami Vivekananda (10 volumes);
  • Autobiography of a Yogi (Swami Paramahansa Yogananda);
  • Life and teachings of Ramkrishna Paramhansa;
  • Tueday's with Morrie (Mitch Albom);
  • Love Story (Erich Segal);
  • A Stone for Danny Fischer (Harold Robbins);
  • Kane & Abel (Jeffrey Archer);
  • Day of the Jackal (Ken Follet);
  • Dust on the Mountains (Ruskin Bond);
  • Sherlock Holmes Series (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)


I have now taught for almost thirty years. From a four year old child to a seventy seven year old man, have taught them all. Sometimes individually, sometimes in class-rooms, from academics to soft-skill training to training for premier institutes like the ICAI, ICSI, Universities and other governmental and non-governmental bodies, even at schools and vocational colleges. I thought I taught but realize now that in fact I learned much more than what I taught. My students make me special and more so what I am today. I have over the years received their unfettered affections, admirations, respect, knowledge and so much more that a few lines would be insufficient to mention it all. It has left me wiser and certainly more understanding of human nature.



  • "Life is not about winning or losing…we all win some and lose some. It is about surviving. Every Survivor is a Winner." (Amar Agarwala);
  • "Life is short, and the vanities of this world are transient, but they alone live who live for others, the rest are more dead than alive." (Swami Vivekananda);
  • Remember all those who pass by, as you are now so once was I, as I am now so you shall be. Be prepared to follow me." Anonymous – Epitaph on an old English gravestone

My thoughts about life and living:

We only need two things to live, to survive and to cross any hurdle – be it in life or beyond. They are fearlessness and faith... that is all anyone will and can need. The rest is simply upon ourselves.