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Oxford Bookstore, Kolkata and Leadstart Publishing host the book launch of 'Missing Varrun'

by Amar Agarwala



A story of lost values and affection

Kolkata, 29th June, 2011: Oxford Bookstore, Kolkata and Leadstart Publishing, one of India's largest book distribution networks hosted the book launch of 'Missing Varrun' by Amar Agarwala, a talented debutant novelist. The book was released by Ms. Dolly Basu, renowned theatre personality and cofounder of 'Chupkatha', a theatre group. She has also been involved with various theatre groups like – Sangeet Shyamla and Abinav Bharti Balmandir. The release was followed by an engaging discussion on the theme of the book.


The book deals with love story of a young Spanish girl and an Indian boy that sets in the picturesque town of Cueta in the south of Spain. It is about the torrid love affair that crosses all barriers of time and culture and unites them, only to see them separated by the ironical living of the 21st century.


This creative piece of fiction also brings to its readers the hardships in the upbringing of the children and projects the strong longing for India in the children born to the protagonist and the Spanish girl. Time and distance are the two major compelling factors to reunite their relationship.


It was an enriching experience for those who attended the session and the guest shared their views on it. The book is page turner for every fiction lover.



About the Author:

Amar Agarwala is a practicing Chartered Accountant and a Company Secretary. In addition to this, he has a Bachelor's degree in Law, possesses a Master's of Science, Information & Technology and a Diploma in Information & Systems Audit. Presently pursuing a doctorate from a leading University, he has more than twenty five years of teaching experience in various fields. As a motivational speaker he has won acclaim both in India and abroad. The author lives in Kolkata with his mother and travels extensively to be with his family in Spain.



About Lead Start:

Leadstart Publishing is a leading publishing house from India. It is both creative and progressive in its vision and publishing focii. The Leadstart Lists feature distinguished authors and writing from across the globe. Today, Leadstart Publishing has 10 brands and publishes over 200 titles a year, with imprints and products in all major book categories.


Leadstart is also India's largest book distribution network, with a retail distribution spread of over 100 cities, almost four times the size of its closest competitor. Leadstart Publishing has been termed 'the fastest-growing book publishing company in India today,' by The Week magazine. Founded in 1994, Frog Books, now an imprint part of Leadstart, began by publishing a book a month. This grew to two the next year. Today, Frog brings out ten titles a month.



About the Book:

Missing Varrun is a love story that connects the picturesque town of Ceuta in the south of Spain, to the dusty by-lanes of Kolkata in India. A story which witnesses a young Spanish girl meeting an Indian boy quite by the twist of fate. It is about the children born to them, their upbringing, and their strange longing for India in the aftermath of life and living of a family, which struggles to come to terms with the time and distance between them, underlining a bold endeavour to reunite under the most compelling circumstances.